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  "All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing"  
Hamlet by William Shakespeare

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FALSE -FLAG? Bomb Detonated
Outside Soros Home


Patriots or Infowars could be blamed to stop Trump momentum before midterm elections

According to the New York Times, an explosive device was found near globalist George Soros’ home in Westchester County New York [near Hillary estate] and was detonated by bomb squad technicians.


Special U.N. Invasion Coverage

LONG-RANGE U.N.,'DEEP-STATE' PLAN: 600-Million-Man Invasion


In the critical video below, Alex Jones breaks down how UN uses giant 3rd world populations as weaponized invasion forces to destroy national sovereignty and establish World Government

Alex Jones explains the globalist plan to use migrants as political weapons to destabilize First World nations and end Western civilization.



Breaking! Trump Prepared To Cut UN Funding Over Its Support For Illegal Migrant Caravan

President Trump also looking at tax-exempt status of UN NGOs like Soros’ Open Society, Rockefeller, & Ford Foundation

Breaking! Trump Prepared To Cut UN Funding Over Its Support For Illegal Migrant Caravan

As the 'growing' migrant caravan of 14,000 continues to U.S. southern border, President Trump is considering pulling funding from the United Nations for aiding in the invasion to break U.S. sovereignty."



Documents Show Mexico Publicly Admits It’s Helping The UN Migrant Caravans Flood The US


America’s southern neighbor is following globalist orders

Documents Show Mexico Publicly Admits It’s Helping The UN Migrant Caravans Flood The US

"Paul Watson reports on the migrant caravan of 7,000 making its way north to the United States. Mexican government exposed for encouraging illegal migrants to flood the U.S."

Hondurans Paint Swastika On American Flag, Set It On Fire; Wave Honduran Flags, Give Us The Finger



Watch Live: Trump Ready To Slash UN Funding Over Illegal Migrant Invasion, Drop-Out Of U.N., Slash Aid To Honduras, El Salvador, Guatamalea And Punish Mexico



Watch Live: Trump Ready To Slash UN Funding Over Illegal Migrant Invasion

Soros Already Funding U.N. Terrorist Programs Including The 'U.N. Guatemalan Caravan Invasion Army'

'Trump should seize the globalist-deep-state U.N. building on American property and house NYC's up to 60,000 homeless,' Alex Jones

Will The U.S. Military Stop The 14,000-Strong Caravan Invasion Force At The Border?

Alex Jones: Significant Numbers Of ISIS, TALIBAN, AL QAEDA, MS-13, ABDUCTED[?] BABIES AS SHIELDS, MOST ARE YOUNG [20s-30s] MEN LOOKING FOR WORK IN U.S....Have Joined The Caravan

Alex Jones breaks down the up to 14,000-strong migrant caravan the UN and globalist NGOs are using to break America’s sovereignty and destabilize the country

U.N. Building Shelters In Mexico To House, Feed And Train 'Migrant Army'

If Trump's Army Stops U.N. SOROS Army, Will Caravan Return Home Or Spread-Out Throughout Mexico Taking What They Need [terrorists, criminal elements]?

How Will Cartels React?


Tom Fitton, the head of conservative group Judicial Watch, has made a career of suing the federal government over suspected bureaucratic corruption, irritating every president since Bill Clinton.

But in Donald Trump, Fitton has found an enthusiastic booster — a president who, rather than bristling at Judicial Watch’s frequent accusations of malfeasance throughout the government he oversees, welcomes the group’s efforts to hold the “deep state” accountable.

In this Sunday transmission, Alex Jones explains the globalist’s plan to overthrow national sovereignty by weaponizing Third World populations.



Donald Trump and Hungary’s Viktor Orban are refusing to sign the UN’s so-called “Global Compact for Migration” claiming that migration is a “human right”



The Global Compact for Migration for UN member states is more or less a globalist project where all signatory states declare their will to abolish the current different categories of migrants in order to declare migration a blanket “human right.”


“This document will enforce migration to Europe. It is open-border propaganda on steroids,” says Frohnmaier. The young politician is part of a European alliance of politicians of sovereignist conservatives who have been organizing the political opp
osition against the “crazy concoction” as Frohnmaier calls the final draft of the Global Compact.

Indeed, if this international agreement is implemented by signatory states, it practically means an end to controlled migration and borders as we we know it. The agreement does not distinguish between refugees and migrants anymore.
Thus even illegal migrants can no longer be deported. In fact, it will be the end of the very notion of an “illegal migrant”. Illegal border crossings will no longer be considered a crime – since migration will be considered to be a “human right”...."



Trump Announces At Senator Ted Cruz Rally Last Night ‘Very Major 10% Tax Cut For Middle-Income People’ Not Businesses Coming Next Week Before Midterms


"We did a lot for the middle class [already] but this will [also] be... aimed at the middle class"

How many Dem and Independent voters will vote Republican to insure their 'Yuuge' tax cut?

Dem party will have to register and vote for many more 'dead people,' 'illegals living in the U.S.' and newly arrived 'Guatemalan caravan U.N. army invaders' to keep pace


"President Trump told reporters on Saturday that his the White House and Congressional leaders are “studying very deeply, round the clock” to roll out a phase II tax cut for middle-class Americans before midterms.

“We are looking at putting in a very major tax cut for middle income people. And if we do that it will be sometime just prior to November,” said Trump, speaking from Elko, Nevada.

Trump said the cuts are “not for business at all.”...."


Trump threatens to build up US nuclear arsenal until Russia, China "come to their senses"


Asked if this should be taken as a threat, Trump said "yes"


Canada Helps China Spy On U.S.

Canada Installs Underwater Chinese Monitoring
Devices Near US Sub Base


Both Canada and Beijing have refused to say what they’re for

Canada has placed four Chinese monitoring devices just 186 miles away from the US coast, near a major waterway used by a US nuclear submarine base, reports SCMP.



Even Democrats Are Sickened By Her: Will Hillary Running In 2020 Be A Gift To President Trump Or A Curse Upon The World? 


A Hillary Election Steal In 2020 Would Usher In The Gulags!  

"With Robert Mueller's decision to wait until after the mid-term elections to announce the results of his 'Trump-Russian-collusion' investigation another sign that the investigation that has cost the American taxpayers MILLIONS of dollars will be a total dud, we take a look within this ANP story at reports that Hillary Clinton may be running for President again in 2020, what White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders called 'Christmas coming early'.

With this news coming at a time when even far-left the Daily Beast and mostly-left Politico have recently put out scathing stories about Hillary, with Politico asking "How Do You Solve A Problem Like Hillary?", while the Daily Beast put out a story titled "Dear God, Hillary Clinton. Please. Just Go.",...

her_again.jpg's becoming increasingly clear to many on the left that Hillary and her 30+ million American base just won't go away. And as the Daily Beast story reports, "no one benefits from her latest venture back onto the political scene".

Except for President Trump and Republicans who now view Hillary as 'the gift that keeps on giving'....."




Dem Dream Ticket 2020

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President T Always Good For A Chuckle Or Two


"Last night [Monday] Donald Trump  appeared in Houston, Texas to campaign for Ted Cruz, who is in a pitched senatorial battle with Democrat "Beto" O'Rourke - a full blooded Irishman who identifies as being Hispanic. Cruz is still enjoying a lead in the polls, despite unprecedented millions of dollars flowing into O'Rourke's campaign from sources  [Alex Jones on-air: Soros-Deep State] outside Texas.

So it's a fine thing that Trump lead another pep rally, but we can't help but wonder if the atmosphere was a little strained backstage, considering the brutal attacks Trump and Cruz exchanged when running for President."
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