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    "All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing"

-Hamlet by William Shakespeare
"All the news that fits we print"
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He lies to the world and gets away with it,
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           'Violence Is Never Far Behind Ignorance'


Emergency Alert! Green Light Given For
Deep State To Trigger Terror Attacks

False flags designed to demonize conservatives ahead of midterm elections being carried out

Emergency Alert! Green Light Given For Deep State To Trigger Terror Attacks

Alex Jones explains how the Deep State has been given the go-ahead to carry out false flag attacks on themselves to demonize conservatives ahead of the midterm elections in a bid to bolster Democrat turnout.

Watch Alex Jones Predict The Pipe Bomb Attacks            


ISIS Flag on Mail Bomb Sent to CNN


Daily Beast journalist points out clue hiding in plain sight

ISIS Flag on Mail Bomb Sent to CNN

"A Daily Beast journalist has pointed out a clue to the motive behind the mail bombings that was hiding in plain sight – what appears to be an ISIS flag on the package addressed to John Brennan and CNN.

If true, the ISIS flag could either mean an ISIS-inspired Islamic terrorist is behind the mail bombings or the flag could be a shoddy attempt to hide the identity and true motive of the perpetrator.

The fact that all the targets of the bombings have been Democrats would suggest the latter. Or the flag could be an attempt to claim that John Brennan and the Obama administration’s policies aided ISIS...."



Deep State partnered with ISIS[?]* rolls out staged “bomb” attack on CNN headquarters, just as Mike Adams and Alex Jones publicly predicted on multiple video broadcasts

*See previous story, 'ISIS Flag on Mail Bomb Sent to CNN'

What we know so far:

  • At least eight suspicious parcels were intercepted before reaching any intended recipients
  • FBI discovered mail bombs addressed to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, former CIA director John Brennan and former Attorney General Eric Holder
  • They confirmed two additional suspicious packages, both addressed to Rep. Maxine Waters, have also been found
  • Security officials have revealed they were packed with shards of glass
  • The pipe bomb sent to CNN appears to include an Isis parody flag
  • Far-right terrorists are feared to be behind the pipe bombs sent to Trump’s critics
  • Former CIA Director John Brennan says he may have been targeted because he's a strong Trump administration critic
  • President Donald Trump said "acts or threats of political violence have no place in the United States".
  • JUST IN: Another bomb found outside Pennsylvania GOP HQ near Republican Representative's house. More bombs today?


“There is a total and complete lack of understanding at the White House about the seriousness of their continued attacks on the media. The President, and especially the White House Press Secretary, should understand their words matter. Thus far, they have shown no comprehension of that.” Jeff Zucker, President CNN Worldwide

"Exactly as publicly predicted by myself [Mike Adams,] and Alex Jones, the anti-American globalists are now running pipe bombs false flags against CNN. This is not merely similar to what we publicly predicted would take place before the mid-term elections; it is exactly what we publicly predicted would take place. We even named CNN as the most likely target to be selected by the globalist operatives running the operation.

"Look for 'Deep-State' CNN to push bombings as coordinated false flags to be blamed on Trump supporters organized by Alex Jones in order to alter the outcome of the mid-term elections," Alex Jones

This is precisely what I have publicly predicted would take place right before the mid-term elections: A coordinated false flag bombing of the left-wing media and left-wing political leaders. It’s blatantly obvious that the globalist democrats are sending these packages to themselves, knowing the media will blame Trump supporters, Alex Jones, conservatives and gun owners.

What you are witnessing is the very definition of a media-run false flag event, where the media itself gets targeted so that the same media can hysterically report that it’s under attack because President Trump is whipping up “hate” against the media.

You can see proof of our predictions below:..."



"We're Getting Close To The End Now"


"...Can you feel it?  I do. It’s in the news, on the streets, and in your face every day.You can’t tune it out anymore, even if you wanted to.

'Violence Is Never Far Behind Ignorance'

...Where once there was civil debate in the court of public opinion, we now
have censorshipmonopolyscreaminginsultsdemonization, and, finally
 the use of force to silence the opposition.
There is no turning back now. The political extremes
are going to war, and you will be dragged into it even if you consider yourself apolitical.

There are great pivot points in history, and we’ve arrived at one.


...We are now Thelma and Louise writ large. We are on cruise control, happily speeding towards the cliff, and few seem to notice that our not so distant future involves bankruptcy, totalitarianism, and/or nuclear annihilation.

...What matters is that we no longer communicate, and when that happens it is easy to demonize the other side. Violence is never far behind ignorance.

...Indeed, that republic died long ago, and it has been replaced by a metastasizing mass of amorphous humanity called the American Empire, and it is at war with itself and consuming itself from within...."


Historic American Election Prompts Putin To Order Immediate Hypersonic Missile Deployment

"The United States abandons the most vital nuclear treaty of the 20th Century while it prepares for its hoped for unipolar world it’s pumping another $1 trillion into the Pentagon to defend, states that at this most critical juncture of modern world history, the American people are preparing to vote in an historic election having nothing whatsoever to do with these crucial issues for them, instead, focusing on the issues of “Caravans and Queers” as they stumble blindly within a “Deep State” generated hysteria bubble with even President Trump knowing that “this whole thing is rigged to blow—thus leaving President Putin with no choice but to order the rapid deployment of Russia’s new hypersonic missile system no country in the world is able to defend against as the Democrat and Republican forces in the US continue their “battle to the death”....

...According to this report, with emerging economies the world over stockpiling gold in expectation of a US dollar banking system collapse—joined by Russia who has liquidated nearly all of its US debt holdings converting them to gold—with gold reserves surging 1,000% in Hungary as it joins Poland, Russia, China and other central banks buying gold—and India just becoming the next in line by its selling off its US debt and converting it to gold, too—the American people remain oblivious to the fact that they are causing this global panic by their failing to notice what experts describe as a United States, ruptured by a thousand grievance groups, torn by shadowy agencies drunk on a gross excess of power, robbed blind by oligarchs and their treasonous henchmen and decimated by frivolous wars of choice, that has finally come to a point where the end begins in earnest...".



Anti-Trump, 'Open-Borders' Mexican Ex-President Endorses Cruz Opponent Beto For Senate

Irish American Beto Posing As A Cuban

Globalist lackey Vicente Fox backs Irish-American to look out for Mexico’s interests

Anti-Trump Mexican Ex-President Endorses Beto For Senate

Robert “Beto” O’Rourke is the ideal Senate candidate to look out for Mexico’s best interests, according to former Mexican President Vicente Fox.

“Wow! What a candidate! What a man!” Fox exclaimed Tuesday while a video of O’Rourke played behind him.

“Beto, you are fantastic, you are great. You’re really an All-American,” Fox said. “You really understand the American people, but you also understand human beings.”

“I hope every Mexican, every Latin, every Hispanic in that great state of Texas is going to vote for you,” he said of Ted Cruz’s Irish-American opponent.

“You’re a great American. I’m with you and I hope everybody is with you in Texas.”

Fox has been a vocal critic of President Trump’s immigration policy, often launching into expletive-laden rants about the president’s intent to build a wall along the U.S. southern border.

“I declare, I’m not going to pay for that f*cking wall,” he said in 2016.

Fox also blamed Trump for the Parkland shooting, lambasted him for calling MS-13 “animals,” and called his mouth the “foulest sh*thole in the world” in reaction to Trump allegedly referring to Third World countries as “sh*tholes.”

Recent polling shows Cruz has a solid 9-point lead over O’Rourke, despite the liberal candidate raising $38 million, highlighting that Texas values can’t be bought...."


Photos and Video: Numbers At Trump Rally Dwarf That Of Obama Event 50-1

The optics hint toward a red wave come midterms


Photos and Video: Numbers At Trump Rally Dwarf That Of Obama Event 50-1

MSM continues to push the narrative that a blue wave is coming in the midterms similar to the lead up to the 2016 presidential election.

Alex exposes the fake news propaganda that is obvious when comparing pictures of Trump’s rally versus Obama’s.


Video: Caravan Migrants Carted
to US Border on Flatbed Trucks

Migrants wave Honduras flag [video] as they travel across Mexico by truck

"The video bolsters arguments on Twitter that the caravan is traveling too fast to be traveling entirely on foot. For example, the border town of Suchiate, Mexico, where the caravan amassed five days ago to cross into Mexico, is almost 1200 miles from Brownsville, Texas, which is roughly the closest point to the US border.

Additionally, the Gateway Pundit suggested this tweet reveals a caravan migrant carrying a USAid bag...":

Video: Caravan Migrants Carted to US Border on Flatbed Trucks

Stunning video shows caravan migrants – the majority of them young men – being transported by flat bed truck instead of marching to the US border:
NOTE:  If you read THE DONALD REPORT from yesterday you will see that  Mexico, under orders from the GLOBALISTS, are aiding the migrants  [not the two CARAVANS under world media video scrutiny] .  These groups of 7000 to 14,000 or more [growing in size daily] are over 100-days away from U.S. border. 'Many other smaller caravans much closer to the U.S. are being trucked and bused by the U.N. to be mobilized two days before the election...200,000 will storm the U.S. border,' Alex Jones



A SECOND migrant caravan heads for the US: 1,000 Hondurans have crossed into Guatemala following the first group of 7,000 [14,000 says Mexico Newspaper] into Mexico

Many More Caravan Groups Are Being Staged Behind Front Media Visible Hordes
A second migrant caravan numbering around 1,000 people (pictured) has arrived in Guatemala from Honduras, following in the footsteps of another group which has already reached Mexico
  • First caravan of 7,000 migrants formed around two weeks ago and has traveled from Honduras to Mexico
  • But a second group has now rallied in its wake and has already marched from Honduras and into Guatemala
The majority of the first caravan has now made its way out of Guatemala and  is working its way north through Mexico, while the second entered Guatemala on Sunday night. Both are heading north, with the aim of reaching the US

'Additional Caravans In Northern Mexico Organizing To Deflect Media Attention

U.N. Secret Bused/Flat-Bedded Trained, Well Paid Militants Will Be Ready To Storm Several Border Points On Election Day Because Original Caravans 100-Days Away',
Alex Jones

If Trump Does Not Mobilize Military Or Send Enough Soldiers To Stop Soon To Come More Caravans For Election Day Attacks

Many More UN Trained Caravans Will Be Released In Time To Storm Multiple Border Points Two-Days Before Elections

Jones Has Notified Trump Through Channels That Over 100,000 Active Military Will Be Needed To Have Any Chance To Stop Coordinated Border Incursions

'If Election Attack Is Successful Expect 100,000s More To Follow Over Upcoming Weeks, Alex Jones





"There are ‘caravans’ of people coming up from Mexico. The fake-stream media calls them caravans of refugees because that sounds more benign, but they’re actually illegal alien invaders and should be called that. Such invasions have occurred non-stop for many decades now. Millions of illegal aliens live in this country already. Nothing was done to deport them. Many were given amnesty. Not enforcing our border law has consequences and we’re seeing it now in the form of perpetual invasions.

The current invasion force numbers are growing and we don’t know who they are. If they are allowed in, some will commit heinous crimes. Some may be terrorists from the Middle East. All will most likely get on the dole. They’re coming for free stuff. They want free food, free housing, free medical care, free driver licenses, and free education. California will allow them to freely vote and they will vote for those pushing more free stuff—the Democratic Socialists.

We must send the message that America really does enforce its border laws.  Otherwise George Soros, the U.N. and Globalists will win this war."

—Ben Garrison



POTUS Trump says a "national emergency" exists over approaching migrant caravans now exceeding 14,000 people [which will grow to over 100,000]

POTUS Donald Trump on Monday hinted that a "national emergency" existed in the United States after it became apparent that Mexican authorities were either unable to stop a migrant caravan that has crossed its southern border or are unwilling to do so. The caravan, which originated.


Global Banking Stocks Are Crashing Hard – Just Like They Did In 2008

Global stocks are falling precipitously once again, and banking stocks are leading the way

Global stocks are falling precipitously once again, and banking stocks are leading the way. 

"...If this reminds you of 2008, it should, because that is precisely what we witnessed back then.  Banking stocks collapsed as fear gripped the marketplace, and ultimately many large global banks had to be bailed out either directly or indirectly by their national governments as they failed one after another. 

...I have previously warned my readers that the damage caused by this trade war would get progressively worse the longer that it lasts.

...Many companies have been trying to ride it out, but eventually the money runs out and layoffs start happening

...We are entering a time when the economy was likely to slow down anyway, but if stocks continue to crash and global banking woes escalate, that is going to spread fear and panic like wildfire.

...And when there is fear and panic in the air, lending tends to really tighten up, and a major credit crunch is just about the last thing that we need right now.

...It’s been a really bad October for global markets so far, and more trouble is brewing.  Hold on to your hats, because it looks like it is going to be a bumpy ride ahead...."



Economic 9/11: Be Prepared!

The global elite could tank the markets to derail
the populist uprising taking place worldwide

Economic 9/11: Be Prepared!

Gerald Celente, the publisher of the Trends Journal, breaks down the economic turmoil projected by the stock market and exposes the real players behind the worldwide currency manipulation that could lead to an economic disaster.

Twitter Goes Nuclear, Bans 18 Infowars-Linked Accounts – Watch The Forbidden Content Here

See the videos Twitter wants to hide and share them to join the battle against censorship


Trump Declares Himself A ‘Nationalist,
CNN Don Lemon Says It’s Racist

Unhinged leftists triggered after President denounces ‘globalists’

"During last night’s rally in Houston, President Trump declared himself a ‘nationalist,’ which triggered CNN’s Don Lemon, as well as many other unhinged leftists, into crying ‘racist’.

Trump spoke about the unelected bureaucrats in the EU, and then pivoted onto “radical Democrats” who he said “want to turn back the clock and restore the rule of corrupt, power-hungry globalists.”...."


"The Future Must Not Belong To Those Who Slander The Prophet Of Islam"
Barrack Hussein Obama

stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, obama, economic miracle, benghazi, economy, rally, las vegas, trump

"There are times in our lives, times we're not particularly proud of, when we fantasize about being able to wallop someone with a Costco-sized banana cream pie with extra whipped cream. And one of those times was Monday, when Barack "the future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam" Obama spoke at a political rally in Las Vegas.

(A brief but important aside: the last time we recall Obama attending a political rally in Las Vegas was while the ruins of our embassy in Benghazi were literally still smoking. And there, he likened the "sacrifices" of political volunteers to those who sacrificed their lives in Libya. The rat bastard.)

But here in the present day, it wasn't our embassy on fire, but rather Barack Obama's pants for approximately the millionth time. And the whopper that particularly caught our attention was this one: "When you hear this talk about economic miracles, remember who started it!"

Well we do remember, and it sure as Shinola wasn't Barry. He further explained, "By the time I left office, wages were rising, the uninsurance rate was falling, poverty was falling, and that's what I handed off to the next guy."

But let's slip into our hip waders and parse this nonsense. Wages were "rising" from the grave at a nearly imperceptible rate owing to Obama's successful efforts to impede economic recovery as long as possible (indeed, it was the slowest economic recovery ever).  The rate of uninsurance declined only because people were ordered under penalty of law to get Obamacare, with taxpayers and the middle class getting stuck for the wildly unaffordable premiums. The claim that "poverty was falling" is absolutely unsubstantiated, and the notion that Barry handed off a nascent economic miracle to Trump is absurd on its face.

To that end, we'd like to take an opportunity to remind everyone of what Obama was actually handing off to his successor...


This is the man who spent hundreds of billions on fake "shovel ready jobs" that never materialized, but somehow managed to enrich the coffers of Democrats and radical liberal groups..."






More than Half of America Gets More in Welfare than it Pays in Taxes

More than Half of America Gets More in Welfare than it Pays in Taxes

More than half of Americans receive more money in various types of government transfer payments (Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, Social Security) than they pay in federal taxes.1

“Voting for a living instead of working for a living leads

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